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How to Pick a Career During COVID-19

Kyle Arnold
July 30, 2021

Looking for a stable career can be difficult at any point in your life, let alone during the COVID-19 pandemic. When considering a new job path, it is important to take into account the current state of the job market. You may have a wide array of skills that can be applicable to many fields. However, the problem is that many of those fields are rapidly disappearing.

However, technology has been on the rise for years and it is no secret that, due to this, the workforce has been disrupted. COVID-19 has led to widespread remote work and many companies have realized they do not necessarily need employees on-site. As we head into the future, tech jobs available from the comfort of one’s own home will be on the rise. Below are some of the most lucrative and long-lasting fields to consider for your career path.

How To Pick A Career During Covid-19

Build Systems as a Software Engineer

Everything that exists on the Internet is reliant on the software that powers it. Software is the instructions or programs that tell a computer what to do and when to execute. Naturally, computer software does not build itself. Those responsible for its creation are adept at programming, attention to detail, and multitasking. If these skills apply to you, or you want to learn these skills, then consider becoming a software engineer.

Websites are only going to increase as companies continue to realize they need to move their businesses online. As of 2019, there were already 1.72 billion websites active according to Statista. Building those sites and the software behind them is the main task of software engineers.

This career path offers high variation in the day-to-day job tasks which ensure a lack of boredom. Software engineering is a profession that pays well over $100,000 if you have the  experience and skills required, such as programming, which can be learned at any point in your life. 

Even if you are already past formal education, online schools such as App Academy offer software engineering specific courses. Better yet, App Academy charges no tuition until you are hired with a high paying salary. It is never too late to continue your education. Take the next step in developing your skillset and setting yourself up for a career that will allow you to work for big-name companies from the comfort of your couch.

Design Websites for Programmers

Maybe programming is not the path you always envisioned for yourself. If you are artistic by nature, there are still tech opportunities for you. The next time you land on a website, look closely at everything you see. From the colors to the placement of navigation bars, it is all made to attract your attention.

UX design is a tech career that requires very little technical skill. UX designers are only required to have a taste for aesthetics and a keen eye for web design. Furthermore, it isn’t just about being connected to the overall design, but rather involving new products cleanly with that design. UX designers perform tasks that run the gamut of building a website homepage to ensuring easy trouble-shooting of a product. 

Members of this profession can make a comfortable $104,843 on average according to Glassdoor. Not only does this profession pay well, but its stability during the pandemic has only increased as the number of websites and demand for online services rises. Consider becoming a UX designer if you are looking for a tech job that requires very little tech skills.

Develop Mobile Applications

Apple introduced the iPhone back in 2007. In 13 short years, the number of smartphones in use around the world has increased to 3.5 billion, as reported by Bank My Cell. Every single one of those smartphones using applications. Fortunately for you, those applications require mobile developers in order to be created.

Put simply, a mobile developer writes code, tests bugs, and creates the applications we use on a day-to-day basis. One can secure a job at a company like Apple or even a job with a smaller startup that hopes to release the next hit app. This career path requires a background of coding so exploring some of the top coding bootcamps is a great way to acquire the skills you may need.


All of the above jobs are mere suggestions when deciding how to choose a career during COVID-19. The most important factor is picking a job that will last for years to come and developing pertinent skills for the future of work. It is never too late to break into a new field and the resources needed are bountiful on the Internet. Take the next step and prepare yourself for the future today.

Kyle Arnold
Kyle Arnold
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