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SEO Value Calculator

Not sure if it is worth doing SEO for your business? Try our calculator and see what value top rankings for your target keywords can bring your business.

Simply follow the link below, make a copy of the spreadsheet and enter in the business information relevant to you. Just edit the grey sections of the sheet and everything will adjust accordingly. If you need more info about how this calculator is used, read our article on MYOB that walks through this.

I recommend using KW Finder as a way to find the monthly search volume for the keywords you are researching. Other details such as the average value of a customer, you can work out based on your industry experience.

If you don't know the conversion rate for your industry, the current standard is 2.35% across all industries. However you can get this up to above 5% and sometimes 10-20% in certain cases.


Try The SEO Value Calulator!
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